Ship Repair

Our ship repair team consists of experienced engineers (experienced Chief Engineers) and various experienced fitters, welders and technical staff to do overhaul jobs, which include Main propulsion engines and associated Mechanical components, auxiliary engines and all associated parts. We also do repair works of various centrifugal pumps, all bridge and navigation equipment, SAAB tank RADAR and leveling gauge system. We do calibration of various equipment’s like ODMCS, 15 PPM, Hydraulic pumps and deck machinery overhaul

Our team will also undertake structural, piping, shell and steel repair jobs of ships and smaller vassals.

WE supply various marine spares and equipment parts, Building Materials and furniture etc.

We have a dedicated team led by Marine engineers with more than 20 years expertise in the field of ship operations, maintenance, repairs and technical management. Our core activities in the marine sector includes:

  • Dry docking -From initial inspection and preparation of docking specs to completion of sea trials within targeted time frame and agreed budgets.
  • Planning and execution of major ship repair projects.
  • Pre-purchase inspections.
  • Overhaul of all main and auxiliary machinery.
  • Troubleshooting and upgradation of Mitsubishi & Kashiwa boiler including LSMGO conversions.
  • Troubleshooting and rectification of all electrical and control systems on board.
  • Service and supply of various bridge and navigational equipment.
  • Calibration and service of all Marpol equipment and tank radar systems.
  • Fabrication and piping repairs.
  • Riding squads for on board maintenance.
  • Supply of major spares for docking-Hull anodes, anchor chains, anchors, heat exchangers, hydraulic and pneumatic spares.
  • Troubleshooting and overhaul of all types of hydraulic system.

We also undertake the following :

  • Rubber extruded profiles, rubber, door gaskets & fenders, glazing profiles and architectural profiles etc.
  • Rubber molded items like anti vibration pads, metal to rubber bonded parts, engine mountings, pipe caps, manhole gaskets, silicon washers, O Rings, Oil seals, diaphragms, bushes
  • Rubber Sheets
  • Silicon Rubber items
  • Rubber expansion Bellows & joints in various shape and sizes for piping
  • Rubber Lining of tanks & vessels (on site/off site)
  • Rubberising on Rollers for various conveyor, printing, pickling & other applications